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Volume III

Containing the Addresses of the Season 1912-1913


Friday, November 1, 1912

Twenty-First Meeting

The Regulation of Competition
the Regulation of Monopoly


Louis D. Brandeis
Of the Boston Bar
Charles R. Van Hise
President of the University of Wisconsin
Author of Concentration and Control
Talcott Williams
Dean of the School of Journalism, Columbia University
formerly Editor of The Philadelphia Press

Tuesday, January 21, 1913

Twenty-Second Meeting

Problems of Police Administration


William J. Burns
Detective; formerly of the United States Secret Service
Leo Weil
President of the Voters' League of Pittsburgh
Fred Kohler
Chief of Police of the City of Cleveland
Hon. Frederic C. Howe
Director of the People's Institute
formerly Member of the Ohio Senate
Author of The City the Hope of Democracy

Monday, February 24, 1913

Twenty-Third Meeting


His Excellency Count Johann Von Bernstorff
Ambassador of Germany to the United States
Hon. Charles M. Dickinson
Consul-General of the United States to Turkey, 1897-1908
Consul-General-at-Large, 1906-1908

Efficient City Government


Hon. William J. Gaynor
Mayor of the City of New York
Hon. Rudolph Blankenburg
Mayor of the City of Philadelphia
Hon. Henry T. Hunt
Mayor of the City of Cincinnati

Tuesday, April 29, 1913

Twenty-Fourth Meeting


Hon. Walter H. Page
Ambassador Designate to Great Britain
William C. Brown
President of the New York Central Lines
Samuel Rea
President of the Pennsylvania Railroad System

Are Our Railroads Fairly Treated?


Frederic A. Delano
President of the Wabash Railroad
B. Garretson
President of the Order of Railway Conductors of America
Benjamin F. Bush
President of the Missouri Pacific Railroad
William Z. Ripley
Professor of Political Economy in Harvard University
Author of Railroads: Rates and Regulations, etc.

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