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Feb 1921 Meeting of the club

Prof Jeremiah W. Jenks, Professor, New York University
Member of the U.S. Immigration Commission
Hon. Louis Marshall, Attorney and public servant, New York Bar
Hon. Elon Huntington Hooker, President, Hooker Electrochemical Company
Hon. Fiorello H. LaGuardia, President of the Board of Aldermen

Our Immigration Problem

50th Meeting of the club

Alfred George Gardiner, Formerly Editor of The London Daily News
Frederick P. Fish, The Boston Bar
Former president of the American Bell Telephone Company
George L. Berry, President, International Printing Pressmen and Assistant's Union of North America
John Leitch, Author of "Man to Man: The Story of Industrial Democracy"
Thomas V. O'Connor, International President of the International Longshoremen's Association

Collective Bargaining

Special Dinner

Hon. Gilbert M. Hitchcock, United States Senator from Nebraska
Chairman Senate Committee on Foreign Relations
Mr. Henry A. Wise Wood, One of the Founders of League for the Preservation of American Independence
Hon. Irvine L. Lenroot, United States Senator from Wisconsin

The Proposed League of Nations
From Different Points of View

12th Year

Dr. Henry Van Dyke, Formerly Minister of the Netherlands
Hon. William Howard Taft, 27th President of the United States

The Proposed League of Nations

Jan 1919 Meeting of the club

Rear-Admiral Hugh Rodman, U.S. Navy
Captain Alfred Francis Blakeney Carpenter, VC, Royal Navy

Honorable Henry Morgenthau, Presiding

British Navy Night: The Story of the Zeebrugge Affair

44th Meeting of the club

Hon. George R. Lunn, Congressman from New York
Mr. John Spargo, Former Member, National Executive Committee of the Socialist Party
Mr. Will Irwin, War Correspondent at the Front
Lt.-Col. Frank S. Evans, D.S.O., Lieutenant Colonel, Royal Artillery

Our Responsibility in the Present War Situation

43rd Meeting of the club

George Creel, Chairman, War Information Bureau
S. K. Ratcliffe, Formerly of Editorial Staff of the "Manchester Guardian"
Mr. Augustus Thomas, Playwright
Dr. Robert Erskine Ely, Founder and Director of the Town Hall League
Founder and Executive Director of the Economic Club of New York
Hon. James M. Beck, The New York Bar

Public Opinion and the War

Feb 1918 Meeting of the club

Major General J. Franklin Bell, U.S.A. Commander, Department of the East
Darwin P. Kingsley, President, New York Life Insurance Company
Prof. Henry Crosby Emery, Guaranty Trust Company
Charles W. Eliot, President-Emeritus, Harvard University

The Victory: Its Responsibilities and Opportunities

42nd Meeting of the club

Mr. Bainbridge Colby, Member of the Recent Commission to Europe
L. E. Sheppard, Senior Vice-President, Order of Railway Conductors
Julius Henry Cohen, Secretary and Counsel to the War Board for the Port of New York
Samuel Gompers, President of the American Federation of Labor

Labor and the War

41st Meeting of the club

Sir Frederick W. Black, Acting Chairman, British War Mission
Baron Tanetaro Megata, Chairman, Japanese Special Financial Commission
Lt. Bruno Roselli, Lieutenant, Italian Army
Hon. David F. Houston, Secretary of Agriculture
Rear-Admiral Bradley A. Fiske, U.S.N., President U.S. Naval Institute
Mr. Frank A. Vanderlip, President, National City Bank

Necessary Steps to Victory

40th Meeting of the club

Hon. Domicio Da Gama, Ambassador from Brazil
Hon. Aimaro Sato, Ambassador from Japan
Hon. E. de Cartier de Marchienne, Minister from Belgium
Hon. Don Ignacio Calderon, Minister of Bolivia
Sir Ernest Shackleton, Polar explorer, "British Empire Citizen"
Prof. Alexander Petrunkevitch, Professor, Yale University
Hon. James W. Gerard, U.S. Ambassador to Germany
Hon. Charles Evans Hughes, Governor of New York

The War

39th Meeting of the club

Major General Leonard Wood, U.S.A. Commander of the Department of the East
Dr. John Grier Hibben, President, Princeton University
Dr. Adolph A. Berle, Lawyer, author, and diplomat from Boston
Major General Leonard Wood, Commander of the Department of the East
Prof. Harry A. Garfield, President, Williams College
Dr. Charles F. Aked, Former Minister, Fifth Avenue Baptist Church
Hon. John Purroy Mitchel, Mayor of the City of New York

The Military Obligations of Citizenship

37th Meeting of the club

Dr. Charles R. Van Hise, President, University of Wisconsin
Mr. Elisha Lee, Chairman, National Conference Committee of the Railways
Mr. Austin Bruce Garretson, President, Order of Railway Conductors of America

Should the Right to Strike of Public Service Employees be Regulated by Law

36th Meeting of the club

Hon. Paul M. Warburg, Member of Federal Reserve Board
Hon. W. Morgan Shuster, Formerly Treasury-General of Persia
General Manager of the Century Company
Prof. Edwin R. A. Seligman, Professor, Columbia University
Dr. William Edmund Aughinbaugh, Chair, of Foreign Trade, New York University
Author, "Selling Latin America"
Mr. Howard E. Coffin, Chairman, Committee on Industrial Preparedness of the Naval Consulting Board of the United States

New Opportunities for American Commerce and Industry

35th Meeting of the club

Hon. Edmund J. James, President, University of Illinois
Hon. Henry Morgenthau, U.S. Ambassador to Turkey
Hon. Ben Lindsey, Judge, Children's Court, Denver Colorado
Hon. L.B. Hanna, Governor of North Dakota
Prof. A. Lawrence Lowell, President, Harvard University
Major-General Leonard Wood, Commander, Department of the East, U.S. Army

A National Economic Program

34th Meeting of the club

Hon. David Jayne Hill, Former U.S. Ambassador to Berlin
Oswald Garrison Villard, President, The New York Evening Post
Prof. Albert Bushnell Hart, Professor, Harvard University
Mr. Ralph Norman Angell, Author of "The Great Illusion", "The World's Highway"

Guest of Honor: Admiral Robert E. Peary, U.S, Navy, Polar Explorer

National Defense

33rd Meeting of the club

Hon. Elihu Root, President of the Constitutional Convention of the State of New York
Hon. William Church Osborne, Chairman, Democratic State Committee
Hon. James W. Wadsworth Jr., U.S. Senator from New York
Hon. Martin W. Littleton, Congressman from New York

1915 Edward Douglas

Vice President, Simmons Hardware Company

The Outlook for Prosperity

1914 Bernhard Dernburg

Former Secretary of State of the Colonies, Germany

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