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128th Meeting of the club

James P. Warburg, Banker, Author, Economist
Former President of ECNY (1934-1936)
John Foster Dulles, Counsel to American Commission at Versailles to Negotiate Peace, (1918-19)
Member of Reparations Commission, (1919)
The Hon. Burton K. Wheeler, U.S. Senator from Montana
Chairman of the Interstate Commerce Committee of the Senate

What Should Our Foreign Policy Be

127th Meeting of the club

Hon. Thurman Arnold, U.S. Assistant Attorney General
Hon. Millard E. Tydings, U.S. Senator of Maryland

How Far Should Government Control Business?

1938 Paul Van Zeeland

Prime Minister of Belgium

The European Situation

125th Meeting of the club

David Cushman Coyle, Consultant to the National Resources Committee, Washington D.C.
The Honorable George E. Sokolsky, Journalist

124th Meeting of the club

James G. McDonald, Editor, New York Times
Alexander F. Kerensky, Russian politician
Stanley High, President, Good Neighbor League
General Hugh S. Johnson, Syndicated newspaper columnist
former administrator of the National Recovery Administration (NRA)
Brigadier General, U.S. Army (retired)

The Outlook for Business

123rd Meeting of the club

George M. Verity, president, American Rolling Mill Company
Homer Martin, President, United Automobile Workers of America
Prof. Oliver M. W. Sprague, President's adviser on economic questions

The Recession - What can be done about it?

122nd Meeting of the club

Lewis W. Douglas, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Former Director of the Budget
Wayne C. Taylor, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury

Balancing the National Budget

121st Meeting of the club

George E. Sokolsky, Contributor to the New York Herald Tribune
Sydney Hillman, Chairman of the Textile Workers' Organizing Committee

120th Meeting of the club

Hon. Robert H. Jackson, Assistant Attorney General of the U.S.
Hon. Howard R. Burke, U.S. Senator
The Honorable Winthrop W. Aldrich, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chase National Bank

119th Meeting of the club

Hon. Henry A. Wallace, Secretary of Agriculture
Sir George Paish, British Economist

Agriculture in its Relation to the Problems of American Life

118th Meeting of the club

General Hugh S. Johnson, Syndicated newspaper columnist
Dr. Neil Carothers, Director, College of Business Administration, Lehigh University
Sir Herbert Brown Ames, Canadian economist, former financial director for the League of Nations

American Recovery and The European Situation

1936 Colonel Frank Knox

Publisher and part owner of the Chicago Daily News, Republican nominee for Vice President

115th Meeting of the club

The Honorable James P. Pope, U.S. Senator from Idaho
The Honorable William S. Sims, Admiral (retired), United States Navy
The Honorable Fontaine Maury Maverick, Representative from Texas, U.S. House of Representatives

109th Meeting of the club

Hon. Ogden L. Mills, U.S. Secretary of Treasury
Hon. Bainbridge Colby, Former Secretary of Treasury


108th Meeting of the club

Dr. Raymond Leslie Buell, President, Foreign Policy Association
Hon. Willard L. Thorp, Director, Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce
Hon. James W. Gerard, Justice of the Supreme Court of the Sate of New York
Hon. David T. Lewis, Congressman from Maryland

America Must Choose: Nationalism vs. Internationalism in Trade and Industry

107th Meeting of the club

Donald R. Richberg, General Counsel, National Recovery Administration (NRA)
Mr. Matthew Woll, Vice President of the American Federation of Labor
Hon. William Averell Harriman, Member of the Industrial Advisory Board of the NRA
Mr. John T. Flynn, Editor, Author, Lecturer

The Recovery Program - Its Progress and Difficulties

106th Meeting of the club

Hon. Henry T. Rainey, Speaker of the House, U.S. House of Representatives
Hon. Elmer Thomas, Senator from Oklahoma, U.S. Senate
Hon. Frank A. Vanderlip, President, National City Bank
James P. Warburg, Financial adviser at the London World Economic Conference and Vice Chair of the Board, Bank of the Manhattan

Our Country's Economic Strength and How to Preserve it

102nd Meeting of the club

Mr. David Lawrence, Editor, United States Daily of Washington
Hon. Gifford Pinchot, Governor of Pennsylvania
Hon. George McAneny, President, Regional Plan Association; Former Chairman, New York State Transit Commission

101st Meeting of the club

Col. John W. Prentiss, Senior Partner, banking house of Hornblower & Weeks
Mr. George H. Soule, Editor, New Republic

100th Meeting of the club

Hon. Henry Morgenthau, Chair of the New York State Agricultural Advisory Committee
Former President of The ECNY
Mr. Matthew Woll, Vice President, American Federation of Labor (AFL)
Mr. Willis H. Booth, Vice President, United States Chamber of Commerce
General William W. Atterbury, President, Pennsylvania Railroad

A New Era

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