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70th Meeting of the club

Alfred P. Thom, General Counsel, Association of Railway Executives
William N. Doak, Vice President, Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen
Richard H. Aishton, President, American Railway Association
Chairman, Association of Railway Executives
Hon. H. G. Taylor, Commissioner, State Railway of Nebraska

The Future of our Railways and Their Relation to the Government

69th Meeting of the club

Hon. Walker D. Hines, Former Director-General of the Railroads
Dr. Benjamin M. Anderson, Jr., Economist of the Chase National Bank
Dr. H. Parker Willis, Editor of the New York Journal of Commerce
Prof. Harold G. Moulton, Director of the institute of Economics in Washington, and co-author of Germany's Capacity to Pay

The Dawes Report

68th Meeting of the club

Henry R. Curran, Commissioner of Immigration of the Port of New York
Glenn Frank, Editor, Century Magazine
Dr. Antonio Stella, Chairman, Committee of Immigration of the Italian Chamber of Commerce
Hugh Franey, American Federation of Labor
Louis Marshall, Member of the New York Bar

The Immigration Problem

67th Meeting of th eclub

Fred I. Kent, Vice President, The Bankers Trust Company
Hon. Mark Eisner, Collector of Internal Revenue
Prof. Edwin R. Seligman, Professor, Columbia University

The Federal Income Tax

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