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75th Meeting of the club

Hon. Frank O. Lowden, Governor of Illinois
Hon. L. J. Dickinson, M.C., Representative from Iowa, U.S. House of Representatives
Hon. Berne A. Pyrke, Commissioner of Farms and Markets of the State of New York

The Farmer and the National Welfare

76th Meeting of the club

Marcus Kavanagh, Judge of the Superior Court of Illinois
Emory R. Buckner, United States District Attorney


68th Meeting of the club

General Lincoln C. Andrews, Enforcement Office of the Prohibition laws
Prof. Irving Fisher, Professor of Economics, Yale University
Dr. Fabian Franklin, Professor and Author
Mr. Wayne B. Wheeler, General Counsel & Legislative Superintendent, Anti-Saloon League
Hon. Phelps Phelps, Assembly of the State of New York

Prohibition – The Next Step

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