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123rd Meeting of the club

George M. Verity, president, American Rolling Mill Company
Homer Martin, President, United Automobile Workers of America
Prof. Oliver M. W. Sprague, President's adviser on economic questions

The Recession - What can be done about it?

124th Meeting of the club

James G. McDonald, Editor, New York Times
Alexander F. Kerensky, Russian politician
Stanley High, President, Good Neighbor League
General Hugh S. Johnson, Syndicated newspaper columnist
former administrator of the National Recovery Administration (NRA)
Brigadier General, U.S. Army (retired)

The Outlook for Business

125th Meeting of the club

David Cushman Coyle, Consultant to the National Resources Committee, Washington D.C.
The Honorable George E. Sokolsky, Journalist

1938 Paul Van Zeeland

Prime Minister of Belgium

The European Situation

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