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129th Meeting of the club

Hon. Philip P. La Follette, Former Governor of Wisconsin
Maurice G. Hindus, Author, Journalist and lecturer
Samuel Kerkham Ratcliffe, English Journalist and lecturer

Hope for Democracy

128th Meeting of the club

James P. Warburg, Banker, Author, Economist
Former President of ECNY (1934-1936)
John Foster Dulles, Counsel to American Commission at Versailles to Negotiate Peace, (1918-19)
Member of Reparations Commission, (1919)
The Hon. Burton K. Wheeler, U.S. Senator from Montana
Chairman of the Interstate Commerce Committee of the Senate

What Should Our Foreign Policy Be

127th Meeting of the club

Hon. Thurman Arnold, U.S. Assistant Attorney General
Hon. Millard E. Tydings, U.S. Senator of Maryland

How Far Should Government Control Business?

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