Micklethwait Wooldridge

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

John Micklethwait

Editor-in-Chief, Bloomberg News

Adrian Wooldridge

Political Editor, The Economist


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The Virus Should Wake Up the West

Marie-Josée Kravis, Chair, The Economic Club of New York
Senior Fellow, The Hudson Institute

John Micklethwait

Micklethwait is the Editor-in-Chief of Bloomberg where he oversees editorial content across all Bloomberg platforms, including its news, newsletters, magazines, opinion, television, radio and digital properties, as well as its research services including Bloomberg Intelligence.

Before joining Bloomberg in February 2015, Micklethwait was Editor-in-Chief of The Economist where he led the newspaper into the digital age while expanding its readership and enhancing its reputation.

He joined The Economist in 1987 as a finance correspondent and served as Business editor and United States editor before being named Editor-in-Chief in 2006. Micklethwait began his career in banking at Chase Manhattan in London after studying history at Magdalen College, Oxford.

He is the co-author of six books, most recently The Fourth Revolution: The Global Race to Reinvent the State. In 2010, Micklethwait was named Editors' Editor by the British Society of Magazine Editors.

Adrian Wooldridge

Adrian Wooldridge is the Economist's political editor and author of the Bagehot column. He has also served as The Economist's management editor, and author of its Schumpeter column, and Washington bureau chief and author of the Lexington column.

He was educated at Balliol College, Oxford and All Souls College, where he held a prize fellowship in history. He is the author of ten books, many of them with John Micklethwait. His most recent book is Capitalism in America: An Economic History, co-written with Alan Greenspan.

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