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Tenth Meeting of the club

Address of Francis Lynde Stetson, president of the New York City Bar Association, opening the Economic Club dinner at hotel Astor.

Hon. Judson C. Clements, Of The Interstate Commerce Commission, Washington
Hon. William McCarroll, Of The Public Service Commission of New York State
Walker Downer Hines, Acting Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad
Emory R. Johnson, Professor of Transportation and Commerce in the University Of Pennsylvania

The Federal Supervision of Railroad Corporations
Government Regulation of Railroad Corporations

Eleventh Meeting

Austen G. Fox, Of The New York Bar
Hon. Lawson Purdy, President of the Department of Taxes and Assessments of New York City
William D. Guthrie, Of the New York Bar
Hon. William E. Borah, United States Senator from Idaho

Should The Pending Amendment To The Constitution, Permitting A Federal Income Tax, Be Adopted?

Twelfth Meeting of the club

Henry M. Whitney, Formerly President of the Boston Chamber Of Commerce
Hon. Wallace Nesbitt, K.C., Formerly Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada
D. Lorne McGibbon, President of the Canadian Consolidated Rubber Company
Hon. Charles S. Hamlin, Formerly Assistant Secretary Of The Treasury

Our Commercial Relations With Canada

Thirteenth Meeting

Hon. Frederic J. Stimson, Of the Boston Bar
Albert Bushnell Hart, Professor of History in Harvard University
Hon. Frank B. Kellogg, Formerly Special Counsel for the United States Government
Melancthon Woolsey Stryker, President of Hamilton College

Is Further Concentration Of Power In The Federal Government Desirable?

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